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Mould Identification: A Virtual Self Assessment

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Unknown 5 = Uncinocarpus reesii

Case History
A 60 year old previously well male boilermaker presented with haemoptysis. He was a light smoker and had no travel history to the USA or South America. Chest X-ray showed hyper-inflated lungs and a CT showed upper lobe emphysema, no mass lesions were visible. Bronchial washings grew the fungus shown below.

Cultures on Sabouraud's dextrose agar showed a suede-like to downy, greyish white colony with a tan to brown reverse.

Microscopic morphology showing typical single-celled, hyaline, rectangular to barrel-shaped, alternate arthroconidia, separated from each other by a disjunction cell.

As both the culture and microscopic features closely resembled Coccidioides immitis an exoantigen test was done.

Exoantigen Test: showing a positive result for Coccidioides immitis.
Comment: Based on the above culture, microcopy and exoantigen results an initial identification of Coccidioides immitiis was made. However as the patient had no travel history to an endemic area a molecular identification using PCR amplification and sequencing of rDNA was performed which showed >98% homology to Uncinocarpus reesii.

Uncinocarpus reesii is a non-pathogenic, environmental saprophyte and is the closest known relative of Coccidioides immitis.  It is often used as a surrogate organism for laboratory training in the USA. However its cross reactivity with the exoantigen test has not been previously reported.

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Coccidioides immitis
Uncinocarpus reesii
Malbranchea pulchella

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